essay on mobile phone for students

essay on mobile phone
essay on mobile phone

Essay on Mobile phone: Mobile phone is the latest electronic device of telephonic connection between the persons concerned. Mobile phone has brought the world closer and made instantaneous connection possible. We can contact anyone anytime from anywhere via mobile phone. In. fact mobile phone has lent breathtaking speed to our daily life, business, trade and commerce. Mobile phone is portable, light and easy to handle. Moreover a mobile phone is much more than a mere telephone set. It helps us to play games, to browse on the net, to take photos and to calculate. In fact it is a mini computer.

The system of mobile phone’s working: A mobile phone is an electronic device. A sim card inside the mobile helps us to keep constant contact with the person concerned. As a mobile phone is portable, people can carry the set all the time. Nothing gets late because of the lack of connection with any person. We can keep constant contact with the person carrying a mobile phone. Just a mobile set is not enough. A connection from a local service provider will ensure the functioning of a mobile.

The advantages of mobile phone : The advantages of mobile phone are numerous. Its great advantage is its mobility and portability. It is opposite fixed phone. The overwhelming popularity of mobile has threatened the existence of fixed phone. A mobile phone removes the worries of our dear ones by helping to contact the person concerned any time we like. When we hear of any accident or mishap, we want to and can know about our dear or near ones on the spot. Thus a mobile phone can ease our tension. A
mobile phone has saved a lot of our time and energy by giving ready access to any person who stays away from us. Just a call from a mobile can make us aware of the coming danger. A warning from a mobile can save our lives.

The disadvantages of mobile phone: Nothing is absolutely flawless on the
earth. Mobile phone has some real disadvantages. Firstly the terrorists can use mobile phone to send messages to their network which will give an advantage to the criminals. A mobile set itself is very expensive and can allure the muggers. Snatching away mobile sets is a major crime in the cities. Mobile phone can be misused by the students who instead of concentrating on their study, keeps talking over mobile with their dear ones
forgetting his foremost duties. So mobile phone distracts the attention of the students from their study. The students should not be allowed to misuse mobile phone. We should also avoid talking over mobile unnecessarily. Talking over mobile should not be taken as a pastime. Moreover there is a health hazard created by mobile. Mobile phone radiates electro-magnetic wave which can cause cancer. We should be careful while using mobile phone.

Conclusion : Mobile is a blessing as well as wonder of modern science. We should utilize mobile phone such a way so that we realise the maximum benefits of mobile phone. Misuse of mobile phone should be prevented. People should be made aware of the health hazards to be posed by mobile phone. The rate of mobile call charge should be reduced as much as possible. The minor kids should be prevented from using mobile
phone. Talking over mobile phone should not be an addiction.

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