Essay on world peace in English

essay on world peace in English
essay on world peace in English

Essay on world peace in English: World peace is the burning topic of the present day world because World peace Is at stake. It is an obvious fact that all civilized people having sense want peace. Despite strong desire of the people for peace, there are frequent wars, fighting’s, conflicts and clashes . The greedy and brute rulers cause war to realize their own pretty interest. In the circumstances, World peace is the slogan of the World. In the wake of terrorism people are getting more and more concerned.

What is world peace? : World peace is such a condition where people will live a tension free life under no thereat of life and property. The guarantee to live freely is world peace. The smooth functioning of a government and world order ensures peace. The malfunctioning of a government disturbs World peace. People of a country is not an isolated issue. When all the countries are in peace, world peace is ensured.

The threats to world peace: World peace is threatened at present. The threats to world peace are poverty, war, uncontrolled population growth and lack of good governance. Population growth tells upon our resources. With the increase in population more and more people become poor. Poor people resort to crime and violence out of desperation. Again war destroys peace. It causes widespread death and destruction. When a bad government can’t satisfy the people, people resort to violence and terroristic activity’s. As a result world peace is hampered.

The means of preserving peace: We should seek the means of preserving peace. First we should ensure a democratic and stable government. We should also make world people conscious of the bad effects of war. We should have a strong voice against war so that the war mongers can’t go to War. Controlling Population growth is a must for world peace. Uncontrolled population growth directly affects world peace and harmony. Poverty alleviation is a prerequisite for world peace. Globalisation can help to ensure world peace by creating better understanding and cooperation. Moreover, world peace can be ensured by strengthening world peace and solidarity.

Conclusion: Above all world peace and harmony are the primary concern of the present world. In the present day world What is most wanting is world peace. It is unfortunate that the over whelming majority of the people are in favour of world peace but world peace is threatened. The powerful warlords are ignoring the opinion of the people for peace and harmony. There should be strong punishment for the criminals behind war. We should also ensure a system which will solve any crisis leading to war like situations.

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