My Favourite Teacher Essay in English

My Favourite Teacher Essay
My Favourite Teacher Essay

My Favourite Teacher Essay : A teacher plays a very important role in any system of education. In fact, no educating effort can be successful without the proper and skillful assistance of teachers. I am a student of higher secondary level. By this time, I have come across a number of teachers. Only a few of them have a lasting impression on my mind. Among them, my most favourite teacher is Mr. Anurag.

Why I like him best: Mr. Anurag is such a teacher who has dedicated his life for the welfare of his students as well as the society. He is a very talented person. His strong personality, unique method of teaching and good dealings marvel us all. That is why, I like him most.

His educational qualification: Mr. Anurag teaches us English. He has completed his B.A(Hons) and M.A in English literature from the University of oxford. He has been serving our college since 2001.

His teaching method: His teaching method is,in a word,unique. He always believes that students talking time will be greater than teachers talking time. So, he engages us in different language learning activities assigned in the text book. The vital point here is that we even cannot be aware of the fact that we have been engaged in an activity already. Such spontaneous his class is. Often we take his class to be a game where no one is afraid of making mistakes. He says that we can learn anything only through making mistakes. He is so charismatic in his teaching that we hardly miss his class.

His sincerity: Teaching is neither a profession nor a vision to him. Rather it is his mission. So, the welfare of the students is his motto. He is never seen missing any class. He comes to college in time, even in rainy days. Besides, he studies a lot and makes every preparation to make his lessons interesting.

Sense of humanity: Mr. Anurag has many virtues of an ideal man with a high sense of humanity. He takes loving care of his students.He looks after our education, helps us in distress, gives us his edifying association and always tries his best to keep us on the right track. He always helps those boys who are backward in the class and even buys books for the poor boys.

Co-curricular activities: Mr. Anurag always encourages us to take part in co- curricular activities. He has established a debating club in our college and there we are trained in different types of debate. Last year,our college won championship award in the National Debate competition.That was in fact, the result of Mr.Ahmed’s hard work and encouraging association.

Conclusion: Mr. Anurag possesses all the qualities of a true teacher. He is actually a born teacher. He finds joys in working with us in the classroom as well as outside. He tries his level best to help us in all possible ways. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to us all. So, we all like him very much.

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