Physical exercise essay in English

Physical exercise essay
Physical exercise essay

Physical exercise essay : Physical exercise refers to a set of physical movements or activities to stay healthy or develop a skill. In other words, physical exercise means the movement of limbs (organs) of our body according to rules. None can enjoy good health without physical exercise.

Forms of physical exercise : There are various forms of physical exercise. There are breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and stretching exercises. There are exercises suitable for the young and there are exercises suitable for the aged. However, walking, racing, swimming, riding, wrestling and gymnastics are the usual forms of physical exercise. On the other hand, different kinds of games and sports such as football, cricket, hockey, badminton etc. are good forms of healthy exercises.

Dos and don’ts of physical exercise : There are some particular rules for taking physical exercise. Exercise should be taken in the open air and it is better to take it especially in the morning and in the evening. None should take exercise in empty stomach or immediate after taking meal. People suffering from any physical problem must not take any physical exercise without the suggestion of an expert.

importance of physical exercise : Physical exercise makes our muscles strong and keeps us active. Thus it helps us get a sound body. We know the proverb — “A sound mind lies in a sound body.” So, we see that, having a sound body through taking physical exercise, we actually get a sound mind. Being the worthy owner of a sound body and a sound mind, we can tackle the activities and struggles of life and flourish the creativity of mind. A person habituated in taking physical exercise always keeps fit and remains free regular diseases. In a word, it can be said that physical exercise is necessary because taking physical exercise can ensure a happy and successful life. A person unwilling to take physical exercise soon lose his health. And with the degradation of health he loses interest and vigour of life. He can not go forward and leads an unhappy and unsuccessful life.

conclusion: There goes a popular saying — “Health is wealth.” A healthy poor leads a happy lite. But an unhealthy, though rich, leads a restless and unhappy life. So, the saying reveals the truth — health is the root of all happiness. We can achieve health through physical exercise. That is why, we should take physical exercise regularly.

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